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Gear 300 LS 75W90
Gear 300 LS 75W90
Item# MotulGear300

Product Description

MOTUL Gear 300 LS 75W90
Lubricant for gearbox and limited slip differential, integrated or not.
Specially designed for the transmissions of high performance and racing vehicles. Used in track, rally and other motorsports events.
All hypoid differentials with limited slip systems, gearboxes with integrated limited slip differentials, mechanical transmission and synchronized or non-synchronized gearboxes.  May also be used in transfer gearboxes operating under shocks and heavy loads. Low, moderate or high revolutions.
Performance Standards: API GL5
Very high lubricating power which decreases friction and wear.
Very easy gear shifting. Thermal stability under high temperature.
Available in 1 Liter containers.
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