MOTUL Tech Grease 300

MOTUL Tech Grease 300
Item# 80353V

Product Description

High Performance Multipurpose Grease. 7 ounce tube.
Semi-synthetic, complex lithium. NLGI 2 - Extreme Pressure. Use for greasing roller bearings, articulations, bearings, hubs, cardan joints, ball joints and cables.
Suitable for all types of machinery working under normal or severe conditions. Car, motorbike, marine, transport, civil engineering machinery, industrial and farm machines.
Particularly efficient in the most extreme conditions, such as high temperature, heavy loads, humidity, vibrations and/or long durations of use.
Multipurpose grease par excellence, formulated from mineral and synthetic base oil stocks and from a complex lithium soap, with extreme-pressure, anti-wear, anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion additives.
Excellent performance at high temperature higher than 500 degrees F. Longer life duration than classic lithium greases. Excellent cold properties. High resistance to water, corrosion and rust. Reinforced adherence.
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