Used Cadillac 56 Spoke Wheels 15 X 6 Inches

Used Cadillac 56 Spoke Wheels 15 X 6 Inches
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Product Description

  • Used 15 X 6" 56 Spoke Wire Wheels
    Set of four wheels

  • These wheels have been mounted with tires and installed on the customer's car.
    The wheels were returned due to inability to fit the customer's car.

  • These wheels were sold as new in 2012. The customer mounted tires without prior test-fitting the wheels on his car. The wheels did not fit properly. He dismounted the tires and returned the wheels. The customer did not follow our instructions and scratched the wheels in the area around the hub cap hole as shown. These scratches will be concealed by the hubcaps and are not visible when the hubcap is in place. Customer indicates and condition shows they were not driven on at all or very little.

  • Specifications:

  • Brand: Truespoke

  • Size: 15 X 6"

  • Backspace: 3 5/8" as used on 1956 and older Cadillacs. With the use of a spacer, these wheels may be used on many other cars.

  • Material: chrome plated steel nickel/nickel/chrome

  • Spoke count: 56 spokes

  • Bolt pattern: Universal style hub fits 5 on 4.5", 5 on 4.75" and 5 on 5"

  • Finish: All chrome surfaces are in excellent condition other than the area around the hub cap hole opening where the customer has scratched the chrome while improperly removing hubcaps. These scratches are shown in the below photos and are concealed when the hubcap is in place.

  • Hubcaps and tires are NOT included but are available at extra cost. Cadillac, Buick, Chevrolet and Thunderbird caps may be purchased separately.

  • Please let us assist you in determining if these wheels will work on your car. Originally designed for 1956 and older Cadillacs. Will work with many other cars. A spacer may be needed.

  • There is a 5th wheel available at extra cost to match this set that is for display only. Can be used as a spare or in your trunk for show purposes.

  • Retail price when new without caps: $1,480.00






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