Piloti Driving Shoes

Piloti Driving Shoes
  • A Driving Passion
  • Piloti means “drivers” in Italian. It’s what they call the fearless racers who have faced Europe’s toughest roads and tracks, and it’s the perfect name for a shoe designed to help them conquer fierce conditions, drive better, corner tighter, and get to the finish line first.
    Piloti driving shoes have always been designed for drivers who need a superior quality, high-performance shoe for heel-and-toe and other fancy footwork. What makes Piloti footwear truly passion-worthy is the unique styling and everyday comfort, coupled with the high performance design. Race, ride or stride – Piloti has it all.
  • Features:
  • Innovative technology and sleek design that looks great in the car and on the street.
  • Top-quality suede and leather for superior comfort
  • Patented Roll Control spherical heel cushions and supports
  • Polyurethane/EVA midsole for durability and long-lasting comfort
  • Fire-resistant DuPont® Nomex® lining and thread in all Performance styles
  • Toe spring for all-day comfort and everyday use on the streets
  • Sole tread pattern inspired by vintage racing tires
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